No matter what is being supplied, a hustler is only as good as his word. With Missouri serving up some of the hottest product in the Graphics industry, native son Joseph Lynn Imes,Betta Known as JOE,stands as one of the most exciting merchants of cool to emerge in years. Thanks to underground businesses like “Sign Co” and “Mo-Swag,” Joes street swagger and authentic style has quickly made believers out of some the biggest players in the game, from Area 51 to Skinny pimp, and others in his native Phelps County, and throughout the midwest to the south, Joe has created nothing short of a movement. Like many hustlers on the street,art wasn’t in Joe's original game plan. As CEO of Mo Swag Graphics and Co-Founder of MX Design Studios,Joe wasnt content to ONLY stack his paper from the background. “Basically, I’m a real dude, so I can relate more to a lot of people,” Joe says of his appeal. “ I don’t just design for the clubs,or the hip hop scene, Im artistic for the struggle. Im artistic for everyday people,and try to set an example for the kids who ain’t got no sense of direction. I’m trying to restore some of the morals back into the game, as far as the street.” What sets Joes art apart is his ability to bring color and flash to a story that has been told so many times before. He’s a true digital age artist who doesn’t need much to develop a picture in your head.~~

New Apparel Coming For Fall/Winter 2017 2018

We will have a lot of new apparel for both men and women that will be available IN PERSON now rather than having to order online. Hoodys and some other articles will still only be available online for now but the selection of Tees is now going to be bigger and cheaper than ever. We also do custom orders and also have 3x and 4x sizes too. Be on the lookout!